Welcome Meeting for 2015 General Education Program Students

Source: Hits: 803 Pubdate: 2015-10-12

On October 11, the opening ceremony of Beutler Institute and the meeting with 150 undergraduates of the institute was held in Xiamen University. Prof. Wu Daguang, vice president of Xiamen University and Prof. Han Jiahuai, the first dean of Beutler Institute, attended the ceremony.

In his speech, Prof. Wu Daguang said the purpose of the institute is to provide the students with a surrounding of cultural and spiritual education. He emphasized that the institute should “pave a way for its own”. He hoped that the students can respect the knowledge and keep practicing earnestly in their study as pious followers of science.

Prof. Han Jiahuai, the first dean of the institute, gave a detailed introduction to the construction of the institute, the target of courses designing and a blueprint for development. He said the system of education was the combination of the widely-practiced institute project and the project for development of top graduates. The “institute project” would enroll the freshmen of Life Medicine from the cooperative universities, aiming at developing the potential professionals in the field of life medicine, while the project of development of top graduates aims at developing outstanding researchers in the field of life medicine, which will admit the best applicants among the competitors from the Center for Cell Signaling Network set up by three universities, which are Xiamen University, Zhejiang University and University of Science and Technology of China.